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    Feeling frazzled? The frenzied pace of daily life can be stressful, and stress can wreak havoc in our lives. Visits to the doctor’s office, missing work, and poor health are all attributed to stress-related issues. We know the antidote; take time to connect with yourself a few minutes every day!

    Pampering yourself has positive effects. Research has shown that when you treat yourself kindly, your self-confidence, energy, and drive increase. You’re likely to be more optimistic with a renewed sense of purpose.

    Our indulgent formulas help to revitalize, calm, relax and soothe your mind, body and spirit. Each ingredient was chosen to nourish, hydrate, and improve the overall appearance of your skin, hair, and nails. We want your spirit to shine and your body to glow head to toe.

    When you purchase from us, your products are fresh from our studio with an expiration date just like the food you eat! We advocate a balanced approach for a healthy life ~ eat well, get adequate sleep, exercise regularly, practice mindful self-awareness, and invest in exceptional personal care products.

    Be forewarned, once you try our decadent handcrafted formulas, you'll likely never use commercial products again!

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    “Self Care is not about self-indulgence. It's about self-preservation.” – Audrey Lorde.

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  • Relax & Destress with All Natural Handmade Beauty Products and SoapRitual: an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set manner

    We truly believe that our everyday rituals are a path to happiness. Rituals are those mindful things we do every day like taking a warm shower or bath, washing our hair, moisturizing our skin, and shaving. When we do them with intention and focus, our rituals keep us grounded ~ well balanced and sensible. They allow us to connect with ourselves for a few moments before we rush off to a busy day and they help us wind down after a long, stressful one. Rituals bring our bodies and minds to a deeper connection with our spirits.

    Unlike a routine which is functional steps you take to get something done (driving to work, feeding the dog, etc), a ritual is a series of steps that have been carefully chosen and sequenced to provide a side benefit. The side benefit might be relaxation. Feeling grounded. A spiritual connection. A sense of nourishment. A sense of purpose, or maybe even pure enjoyment.

    Daily rituals are about loving ourselves and connecting with our Higher Selves, our Inner Wisdom, which is the nurturing guide that promotes harmony and prepares us for whatever stresses lie ahead. Small daily rituals help create a happier, healthier life, that's why we dedicate ourselves to creating amazingly rich, luxurious products to help you get the most enjoyment out of these simple, daily rituals.


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  • Why Splash of Indigo?

    We are a family-owned and family-run, soul-centered, small independent business. Each product is formulated, handcrafted, hand packaged, and hand labeled in-house. Our deliciously decadent, skin loving formulas are produced in small batches using traditional Artisanal methods and quality raw...

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  • Our Ingredients

    Wondering what makes our products so effective & luxurious? It all begins with the right ingredients! From the very beginning, we hand select the best oils, herbs and fragrances to ensure a final product that is a step above the rest. We source ingredients that protect our planet and the...

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